Scanned Aerial Photography

We can scan aerial photography at various resolutions to meet your needs.
Scanned aerial photography can be used in computer graphics software or geographic information systems, and enlarged or reduced for easier analysis of study areas. By the simple process of importing a digital aerial photograph into a graphics program, planners, environmentalists and other Geomatics professionals will be able to "zoom in" and conduct a detailed analysis of any available site in Saskatchewan, or quickly add boundary lines, street names or other important information.


Scale: Various
Year of Creation: Various
Coverage: Provincial
Format: TIFF, JPG, PNG
Spectrum: Monochrome
Datum: NAD 83, CSRS98 (for Geo-referenced photos only)
Projection: UTM Extended Zone 13

Pricing Information

Standard Photo Scan
(600 DPI):
Product Sample
Non-Standard Photo Scan
(other than 600 DPI):
$35.00 + applicable service fees?PLUS applicable Handling charges
Product Sample
* Note: For questions or non-standard photo scans, please contact us for more information.

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