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Contact prints are photographs (black and white or colour) made from film negatives.?Product Sample

Contact Prints available through the Geomatics Distribution Centre (GDC) include both those housed within ISC and the National Air Photo Library (NAPL) of Natural Resources Canada.

Aerial photographs have many practical uses, such as map compilation, urban and rural planning, environmental impact assessment, civil law cases, real-estate evaluation, outdoor recreation, and even wall art.

Service Specifications and Pricing

Year of Creation: Various (historical photography from 1940's to present)
Coverage: Provincial
Scale: Various (greater detail in southern Saskatchewan) - The southern agricultural part of the province is covered by photographs on a scale of .8 inches to the mile photographed in 1970. Larger scale photographs, 4 inches to the mile and 2 inches to the mile, are also available of this area. These were photographed in 1949 and 1965.
Provincial Contact Prints Pricing: $22.00
Federal Contact Prints Pricing: $30.00
Diapositives (uncorrected) Pricing: $25.00
Borrowing Photos: See Borrowing Photos

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